MARCH 27 UPDATE: Facebook broke Classic Design again, we are searching for a solution, as always.

Switch to Classic design on Facebook™!

Don't like the new Facebook design?

Facebook doesn't allow you to use old version?

Just install the extension and select Classic Design from settings!
Works on some pages and on other uses theme to improve design
You can change the version from extenstion's menu

How to Install a Chrome Extension from ZIP:
1. Download the extension ZIP file from the provided link.
2. Open Google Chrome.
3. Go to the Extensions page by clicking the three vertical dots in the top-right corner.
4. Enable Developer Mode (usually a switch or checkbox).
5. Drag and Drop the downloaded ZIP file onto the Extensions page.
6. The Chrome extension is now installed and ready to use.

Just install and refresh the page... it's done!

And if you change your mind, just click on the extension's icon and choose the version (see video example on youtube).

Nice, right? Please, share our extension with your friends!